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Single-deck Floor Scales
Single-deck Floor Scales

Product Type: Floor Scale Series

Product description: The Floor Scale which designed by Keda (China) Scales Co., Ltd. is being widely used in workshops, warehouses, yards and other places.We can design and manufacture Floor Scales by customers requirement.


Name:Single-deck Floor Scales

Type:ScalesFloor scales,animal floor scale,Movable Floor Scales,Single-deck Floor Scales,Buffer Type Floor Scales

Product Description:The Floor Scale which  designed by Keda (China) Scales Co., Ltd.  is being widely used in workshops, warehouses, yards and other places.We can design and manufacture Floor Scales by customers requirement.Each scale has four weighing sensors, no frame, beautiful appreance, high rigidity, This item of floor scale isn’t suitable for the concentrated weighing.



Single-deck Floor Scales Description:

◆Work temperature:-10~+40℃

◆Power supply:AC 110~220V 50~60Hz

◆Consist of platform,4 load cells,junction box,6m signal cable

◆Low profile,non-frame

◆U-type beam,welded

◆Material:mild steel or stainless steel, smooth or slipproof plate

◆Mild steel: painted&baked or galvanized

◆Stainless steel: polished&brushed

◆Four load cells:alloy steel or stainless steel

◆Option: ramp,indicator column

◆Thin-type structure,which isn't suitable for concentrated loading.

floor scales


We can design and manufacture Single-deck Floor Scales by customers requirement.


Our Floor Scales  come standard with a limited two year warranty on the weigh-deck and all components.  Extended warranties are available.

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If you have any need of Single-deck Floor Scales, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also you can send E-mail to (*^__^*). Look forward to hearing from you .
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