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Product description: When you need accurate truck weights and unsurpassed durability, it only makes sense tocome to Keda (China) Scales Co., Ltd.

When you need accurate truck scales and unsurpassed durability, it only makes sense tocome to Keda (China) Scales Co., Ltd. , . Keda scales  has been selling, installing and working on truck scales for over 10 years. Truck scales are available in either full-electronic or electromechanical types with either concrete or steel platforms. Low profile units offer simple installation with minimal foundation requirements while pit type installations are often the best choice for use in severe climates or when grain is to be discharged out of the truck onto a conveyor mounted beneath the scale platform. Multiple platform units are used to simultaneously measure the truck's axle weights while obtaining its total weight as well. Vehicle scales may be equipped with many different options to increase their utility for both operator and driver. Options include traffic lights, truck management software, remote displays, guard rails and so on

One market dependent on heavy capacity vehicle scales is the forestry, pulp and paper  industry and others. This group is made up of companies and organizations that harvest and manufacture products from the forest. Keda Scale is a solution provider to the forestry, pulp and paper industry and others. We offer a wide selection of products that are integral to this market, including utility portable heavy capacity truck scales, ideal for placement in areas where a permanent scale isn’t applicable such as a forest or logging area, bench scales, floor scales, instrumentation, check weighers, and printers.

For above ground or pit installs, the KEDA truck scales sets the standard for truck scale design and performance. Tightly spaced wide flange U-beams form the industry's strongest weighbridge design, weighing as many as 250 trucks per day for 5 years without a trace of weighbridge fatigue. The Keda scales offers convenient top access to load cells , and a low profile to minimize steep approaches. Unique self-setting hinge-like connectors make for easy installation and future expansion.

The keda truck scales Concrete Deck provides a low-profile design and top access to load cells with the benefits of a concrete deck. This model can function both above ground or as a pit-type and features our unique self-setting connectors for easy installation and future expansion. Six inches of poured concrete rests above the scale's neutral axis, atop a network of wide flange u-beams and shear studs. This eliminates any possible tension or cracking, while providing a surface that's well suited for  corriosion  resistance and traction in wet or icy conditions. 

 Export Truck Scale   technical parameter
-Accuracy class: OIML(III) 
-Weighing capacity:10-200(t)

-Truck scale length:5-30m   
-Truck scale width:3-3.4m
-Safety overload: 150% Max

Export Truck Scale Working enviroment:
-Indicator surrounding: temperature:-10℃C +40℃
-Weighting platform body:-30℃ +65℃ 
-Relative humidity: below 95%
-Power supply: 220V(AC) 50Hz

truck scales

Our truck scales come standard with a limited two year warranty on the weigh-deck and all components.  Extended warranties are available.
We can design and manufacture Truck Scales by customers requirement.

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