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Fully Automatic Truck Scale
Fully Automatic Truck Scale

Product Type:

Product description: Fully Automatic Truck Scale


Name: Fully Automatic Truck Scale

Type:scales,truck scales,Digital Truck Scales,Export Truck Scales ,Explosion-proof Truck Scale ,Ferroconcrete Truck     Scales ,Automatic Truck Scales

Fully Automatic Truck Scale Product detail:

      Fully automatic truck weighing scale adopts intelligent identification system whose weighing process is operated by computer automatically. Equipped with video monitoring system, this product can avoid man-made interference and prevent cheating, which increase weighing rate and become the effective way for enterprise to strengthen measuring management.

Features of intelligent weighing system:

     Fast data collection: the whole system can perform quick and effective weighing and avoid queuing.

    Convenient for owners and customers: there is no need for driver to show relevant document during passing this kind of weighing scale. And also operator in scale room doesn’t need to input data into computer. Therefore, more time is saved and the operations of driver and scale operator become more convenient.

    Avoiding errors of man operation: the data of vehicle is read, recorded and verified by computer automatically, which avoids man-made interference.

    Good security: the copy, faking and cheating existed in weighing process have been removed after adopting the world unique and unchangeable ID number offered by electronic label in microwave automatic identification system.

    Long working life: applying passive technology, the electronic label does not need maintenance and has long service life. Generally, it can work more than 10 years without damage.

    Good practicability: the main purpose of intelligent weighing system is to serve for the producing and benefit of enterprise.


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