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Corporate Culture
We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality goods and services, on time, by committing to Total Quality Excellence throughout every level of our operation.

We design our equipment to minimize the transitional phase of equipment installation so that your operation begins to realize improved productivity and profitability as soon as possible.

Keda Scale has a slogan that is simple and to the point.  We do it the right scale.

Call us and let us solve your next weigh problem, we would love to hear from you.  The only problems we have are the ones that keep your company from calling us.  Once you do call or send mail, you will have no further scale problems.

Our goal is to provide premium quality brand name truck scales at the lowest price possible to you.

Keda (China) Scales Co., Ltd. ( is a leading manufacturer,supplier and exporter of high quality Scale,truck scale,digital truck scale,Mobile Truck Scale,Electronic Truck Scales,Accessories Of Scales,weighbridge,digital weighbridge,floor scale,platform scale,crane scale and all kinds of Weighing System from china. 
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