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Method Of Installation Truck Scales
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1 Introduction

Digital loadometer because the use of digital weighing technology to create a method with the traditional analog loadometer there is a big difference, first of all,

 Truck Scales Digital loadometer instrument (or computer) and the interface between the sensors are digital communications (typically RS485 communication) then

Mouth, to receive the sensor instrument directly send digital signals, transmission line lengths up to 1000 meters; while an ordinary analog loadometer .Digital Truck Scales

The interface between instrument and sensor are analog interface, instrumentation, the first to receive the sensor analog signal, and then carry out its A / D transfer

Changed only after further processing, transmission distance is 20 ~ 30 meters. Secondly, since digital loadometer received digital signal,

Adjust the angle difference directly to the instrument through software to deal with, rather than analog loadometer as necessary to adjust the potentiometer wiring box

Truck Scales  To achieve the purpose of adjusting angle difference. These obvious differences, this determines that the installation and commissioning of digital platform scales, there are many different from the model when

Proposed type loadometer place.

Digital sensors and digital instrument technology development, digital weighing system is now becoming a new field of weighing technology

Pet, with its simple and efficient debugging, and strong ability to adapt to on-site advantage is weighing technology trends. Among these loadometer and static

Rail Scale on the application of the most common.

2, digital platform balances the installation and testing methods

As already mentioned, digital loadometer uses a digital sensor, the sensor directly to the output of a general method for the RS485

Digital signal, so the composition of platform balances can be used when the digital weighing instrument, may also be equipped with special software by computer.Digital Truck Scales, Two kinds of

Constitute the way the installation is no big difference, for descriptive purposes, the following are to be described as an example of digital devices.

First, the digital instrumentation and digital sensor interface: This is the digital platform balances the key to the installation and testing.

First of all make it clear interface definition of each pin. Digital sensors generally use RS485 communication interface, but because of the use of learning

Used, and design differences in habits, which they deposit the middle of two-wire and four-wire RS485 interface, the difference in, the connection need to be distinguished.

The two-wire RS485 interface part of our routine use in a way to see the most, the sensor output a total of five lines, namely:

Shielded cable, power supply positive and ground (GND), receiving positive / send positive (A / T +) and receive negative / send a negative (B/T-), you can take two-wire system with

And four-wire RS485 interface digital instrument. . Truck Scales

Note that, regardless of the kind of wiring, wiring first, make sure the power cord is connected correctly, especially in the scales after installation

Debugging before electricity, we must carefully check and check the correctness of the power line wiring, or digital sensor can easily result in damage to the internal circuitry. Truck Scales

3, digital platform balances the preparatory work prior to installation (pre-preparatory debug):

Before installation, should seriously carry out the following preparatory work for the back to facilitate the installation and commissioning.

1. First determine the number of sensors used in communication speed, data formats and communication string format

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