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Truck scales of the routine maintenance
Click:1002 Date:2012-6-27 22:56:24
Truck Scales  of the routine maintenance
   Truck Scales units to maintain

1) The  Truck Scales  space station shall not card four weeks stones, coal and other foreign matter.

2) always check whether it is reasonable gap spacing, bolt spacing should not collide with the scale body contact.

3) to connect pieces of half-yearly maintenance, supporting the head coated with butter.

4) the prohibition of bench scale electric arc welding operations, if the need to scale and Taiwan, electric arc welding operations. Please note the following points: (disconnect the signal cable connected with the weighing of the display controller; electric arc welding of the earth must be set in the vicinity of the welded parts, and a solid contact with the body on the scale; must not to use the sensors as an electrical arc welding circuit part of the)


Weighing display controller maintenance

1) Regular inspection of all wiring is loose, broken, grounding line is solid.

2) weighing the long-term display controller when not in use (for example, more than a month), electricity should be based on environmental conditions in check so as not to damp, or other adverse impact of the reliability of gas erosion.

3) Weighing display controller to avoid the near heat, vibration source.

4) The use of the environment should not be flammable and explosive gas or dust.

5) In weighing display controller in the same phase line are not allowed to inductive load, such as the doorbell and so on.

6) The long-term without weighing display controller, replacement fuse, mobile location, or when the removal of dust, etc., be sure to cut off the power.

7) Weighing display controller, such as power failure should be promptly, and inform the professional departments and personnel to conduct inspection order, the user can not arbitrarily open the chassis, but not free to replace the internal parts.

8) Division pounds and instrument maintenance personnel need to be through special training before they can engage in the operation and maintenance.


Replacement Sensors

1) Open Truck Scales sensor (damaged) the top of the cover, with jack jack up scale units, remove the sensor ground. 

2) Open the junction box, will damage the sensor cable line and the junction box escape. Side out of the sensor cable. Note: In the pumping line, attach a wire through the scale body in order to replace the new sensor, they cable into the junction box through the scale body.

3) With reference to the above-mentioned second approach, the sensor cable into the junction box through the scale body.

4) In accordance with wiring diagram will be the core wire cables fixed to the corresponding terminal on a Truck Scales junction box.

5) Release the jack, flat weighing platform, covered with lid.

6) the replacement of sensors, they will be reset to the truck scale and correction.

7) sensor installation finished, the excess cable bundles to be beaten up to place, shall not be placed directly on the basis of the ground.

8) In order to ensure consistency and interchangeability of sensors, sensor cables shall not be arbitrarily cut off.

9) the installation and removal process, with no scratches, knocking sensors phenomenon, and to protect the cable


Truck Scales  Computer Maintenance

1) To ensure a good grounding system computer.

2) is strictly prohibited frequent switches, moving and dismantling the computer at random.

3) computer away from water sources, strong electro-magnetic dry Long.

4) are free to use external floppy disk is strictly prohibited to prevent virus infection.

5) is strictly prohibited tapping the keyboard with a hard object, such as the screwdriver.

6) The room should be kept clean, the temperature should be consistent with the host specification requirements.

7) the operator is subject to post-training before Truck Scales induction

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