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The Quality Of Truck Scale
Click:8247 Date:2012-10-7 4:29:19
Truck scale manufacturing process  protect the quality of the Truck scale

Articles published in magazines and newspapers, in the publicity of how to from the manufacturing to create the power of public opinion, and How to improve manufacturing techniques to improve the coverage of the manufacturing process, the media published rare.
Raise the level of manufacturing technology mainly relying on their own capacity, before large and medium-sized enterprises are generally provided by a special process set Accounts department. But when the rise of a large number of private enterprises, due to the impact of competition in the market, these enterprises will be the main focus for product open Hair, while ignoring the aspects of the manufacturing process. Original University of Technology set the course of the manufacturing process, the engineering college graduation Students should receive a good education. But before period, all University of competing busy to expand their range of subjects, but then Manufacturing technology courses teaching does not pay attention, and even some vocational education graduate students, there is no strict manufacturing process side Learning. Whether the level of our country's manufacturing really comparable with veteran industrial powerhouse it? Weighing industry perspective See: weighing sensor stability, the level of accuracy; weighing the stability level of the indicator; stability of Digital Truck Scales , reliable Level, the appearance of aesthetics, are unable to contend with foreign powers which fully reflects our country in the manufacturing process side Weak surface.
A good Truck Scales  is how the birth of ISO9000 "quality management system" proposed eight quality management principles: customer Focus, leadership role, full participation, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, fact-based decision-making method.
Mutually beneficial relationship. Leadership role, full participation and the process approach is the weak point of our business.
The technical management of the enterprise, including two important elements: a truck scale design, a truck scale manufacturing process. At present, many Enterprise is the design team, and everyone in mutual clone key Digital Truck Scale manufacturing is the manufacturing process. For a batch of Health Enterprises in terms of production, in order to produce a batch of qualified products must have a set of sound, can be used to guide the process of the whole production process
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