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Digital Truck scales replace analogue Truck scales
Click:1123 Date:2012-6-27 22:57:47

Digital Truck scales will fully replace analogue Truck scales
   Digital Truck Scales will fully replace analogue Truck - Truck of the development trend


Digital Truck Scale Truck Scale with the difference between analog

A fundamental difference is: digital truck scale weight sensor element (sensor) collection and transmission out of the signal directly into digital signals, is well known that digital signals will not be affected by transmission distance, temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference change, solid guarantee that Weighing display data with the original collection of data consistency.

2, digital truck scale partial set debug completed entirely by the micro-computer, eliminating the manual debugging because the debug caused by error, stored in the microcomputer in the debugging data will not be a result of vibration, temperature and other factors change, solid guarantees weighing data accuracy and long-term stability.

3 Digital signal transmission line  Digital Truck Scales  remote control once they are installed, meter display will be the first time perception, and issued instructions to enable sensors to stop working.

 Meanwhile, with the users of goods weighing accuracy and the stability of long-term use have become increasingly demanding, while the analog-type truck scale, from the weight sensor element (sensor) signal collection and transmission out of millivolt level analog signals to be transmitted to the data processing center into a weighing processing data, generally after 20 to 30 meters wire transmission distance, and some even longer, millivolt level analog signals in the transmission process, will be affected by temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, etc. affect the The change, therefore transmitted to the instrument data processing center will occur when the difference in the signal, resulting in weighing the data were inaccurate, untrue and instability.

  Digital Truck Scales  partial analogue set debugging rely solely on the mechanical potentiometers, manual adjustment, can not guarantee the accuracy debugging (for large tonnage of the scales particularly evident). In everyday use, the mechanical potentiometers a result of vibration, temperature and other factors change, solid weighing data is difficult to guarantee long-term stability.

   Because most electronic truck scale installed in the open air, there are some people to seek illegal interests, the secret installation of vehicle scale weight of the remote control signal, while the analog-type truck scale 20 ~ 30 m of the signal transmission channel is precisely these people to install the remote control the main location, leading to the interests of many users suffer.

Therefore, the analog value can not fully competent automotive goods vehicle weighing precision tasks.  Digital Truck Scales  is completely replace the analog Truck ......

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