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Scale Maintenance
Click:1086 Date:2012-6-27 22:57:02
Scale Maintenance

Scales maintenance and maintenance is very important, direct impact on Scales(electronic truck scale and precision of the life), effective platform balances to reduce maintenance and repair Truck repair rate greatly affected following the conventional Scalesmaintenance and repair work to provide some suggestions you want to help customers


Excellent pounds room personnel should be to:


1. To visual inspection platform scales (daily)


2. Limit adjustment (one quarter)


3. Unloading bolt clearance checks (six months)


4. Connector location checks (six months)


5. Sealed junction box and connection check (years)


6. Work which may affect the weighing of the components inspection (per day)


7. On the instrument and instrument error, and so the checks (six months)


ScalesInstrument parts:


* Weighing indicator, printer, computer, keep clean and clean appearance


* Regular inspection of all wiring is loose, broken, solid grounding line is


* Keep the junction box dry and clean, dry box desiccant replacement on a regular basis. Drop box where you can use hair dryer drying.


* Instruments in gross state, the empty scales, if found to zero the cursor does not shine, before weighing Clear


* Truck on a regular basis by the management department of legal metrology test


* Work, the cut off weighing indicator and other electrical power supply


* A sudden power failure, instrument take 5 minutes and then turn


* Prohibit the bench scale operation of electric arc welding


* Regular sweeping scale platform tops, platform scales around the gap and no card has pebbles at the bottom of coal and other foreign matter


* Work to cut off the power outage, the table may not stay long, weighing platform vehicles or cargo


* Members of the Division pounds operation after training certificates


* Open the Instrument is strictly prohibited


Scalesmechanical parts:


* Truck Scale platform shall not be a gap around the foreign body stuck, so easily, if foreign body stuck must be cleaned up


* Regular sweeping scale body tops, to keep clean (built instrument: the annual time scale the surface of the paint)


* Connector half-yearly maintenance, supporting the head cleaning coated butter


* Platform truck scale or scale welding work is prohibited as a ground station using the


* Sensors and weighing stations limit gap of 2 ~ 3mm, such as the gap must be adjusted inappropriate


* Excavation should not contain any water, because heavy rains caused the pit until the water should be immediately deprived of the pump or dredge drainage channel, and to take measures instrument before drying power


* Value of vehicles over a maximum speed of not more than 5km / h, to prohibit heavy vehicles in scale units above the emergency brake.


* Guo Heng total weight of vehicles and cargo should not exceed the permitted axle load and weighing rating

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