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How to prevent truck scales lightning
Click:1212 Date:2012-6-27 22:55:41
How to prevent  Truck Scales  lightning

In the thunder when lightning electromagnetic fields can cause the atmosphere, mainly there are three physical processes:


1, electromagnetic radiation, from the lightning channel in the current rapidly changing shape. As electronic truck scale platform balances only the low-pressure-resistant, lightning caused by the above-mentioned three kinds of physical processes for electronic truck scale electrical parts


Have a devastating, especially electromagnetic induction. The more advanced microelectronic devices, power smaller, more sensitive, then the greater destructive.


2, electrostatic induction, that is, the ground caused by lightning, atmospheric static electric field changes so that access objects in the vicinity of conductors produce flash induced charge on the land constitutes a very high potential difference (base and embedded board grounding grid connection


, Electronic truck scale platform balances pounds Taiwan to form a low-power difference);


3, electromagnetic induction, that lightning channel current changes with time, in the space around it form a change in the electromagnetic field, in the channel conductive objects produce accessories induced voltage and eddy current (E


Truck loadometer sensors, junction boxes, instrumentation, computers, printers and other electrical products are to form a high-power difference easily be lightning Jihuai);


Therefore, loadometer specific measures to prevent the lightning strike are:


1, wearing the metal threading tube signal cable must be connected with the grounding grid.


2, junction box should be grounded. Junction box to set the ground wire connected with the scale body.


3, each sensor must be protection earth. So each sensor location to set up a ground wire, sensors and "land" set the ground between the piles, ground lines and ground piles or reliable connection


Grounding line and the nearest anchor bolt connections. However, with the base anchor bolt must be connected to ground grid reinforcement.


4, the entire scale units should be grounded with a grounding cable or a few root scale pile body and ground connected to ground piles Yaoda constant in the potential of zero area, and the grounding resistance is less than 4. Balance between Taiwan and the ground with the pile

 Truck Scales

The spacious high-current back-channel, then when electrostatic induction, you can add electronics to make them from the earth and, after the equipment can produce high potential for rapid evacuation without damage to electronic truck scale.


5, in the scales over the body to be set up near the lightning rod, to cutting-edge effects of the discharge and the cloud of charge, make electronic truck scale platform balances will not be damaged by lightning. Lightning rod height can e-car


Value for length, depending on lightning protection of radius equal to its height a circular area.

 Truck Scales

6, weighing indicator casing to be grounded.因此. Weighbridge room equipped with ground stakes, and with the scale of the base reinforcement network (ground) connected to when using plastic shell should be spraying an inner surface of the shell

 Truck Scales

Layer of metal film re-grounding.

 Truck Scales

7, weighing sensor signal cable shield should be grounded. Electronic truck scale platform balances the municipal power grid when powered from the power distribution room to the installation to have the root long distance, scale platform to the scale room also has a

 Truck Scales

The more's the distance the signal cable, is not difficult to envisage, lightning by means of electromagnetic induction, in the lead on the introduction of high-potential, it is possible the damage caused by weighing instrument, therefore, weighing sensor signal line

 Truck Scales

And motivate the current power load cell lines used to connect the cable shield grounded to eliminate the electromagnetic induction caused by lightning damage or the possibility of blasting. Weighing sensor signal cable shield can be

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