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Failure Analysis
Click:1138 Date:2012-6-27 22:54:40
Failure Analysis

1, showing drift

Phenomenon: the instrument display instability, ranging from a few dozen kg, as many as hundreds of kg constantly changes.

Reason: Instrumentation analog part damage, power failure, sensor, junction box, cable, etc. caused by defective signal changes in scale platform and the basis of debris blockage occurs, no limit and basic bolt clearance, etc.


2, weighing not allowed to

Phenomenon: the weighing error is greater.

Reason: Scale units and foundation problems, instrument adjustment is not accurate, some of the bad analog instrumentation, sensors, junction box there is a problem such as corner a margin of error.

3, shows positive overload or negative overload

Phenomenon: If XK3190 Series Meter Display】 【Err03 are overloaded or show】 【Err02 negative overload.

Reason: instrument is damaged, for the bridge power supply is not normal, sensors, junction box, DB-9 plug and other problems caused by large changes in the signal, if one scales without debugging, debugging, after automatic fault elimination

, Note: The other reservations.

4, boot-free self-test

Phenomenon: the instrument connected to the power of no show or display any part of the stroke segment, and some accompanied by buzzer sounds.

Reason: external 220V power supply and power supply circuits (lines, insurance, pipes, machines, transformers, three-terminal power supply) is faulty, instrument panel PCB is damaged or LED display tube is damaged or connection off.

5, boot, or non-return to zero after unloading

Phenomenon: the boot connected to power supplies, instruments, after self-test showed non-zero, there is error or show a more stable value, or in vehicles weighing scales displayed after the next positive or negative values, does not display zero.

Reason: larger part of the instrument malfunction, the sensor performance changes (hysteresis, drift, etc.), balance between body and ground with debris blockage.

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