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Scale Terminology
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Scale Terminology  

Sub-degree spacing: refers to the ratio of display space and the multiple, sub-degree spacing values can only choose the following value in a certain 1,2,5.

Show Pitch: refers to the monitor connected to the difference between the two readings, also known as sub-scale value.

Excitation voltage: means to provide for the display driver resistance strain sensor voltage.

Resistance strain sensor: resistance strain gauge sensor is a way to force or weight into voltage components.

Each strain sensor includes two departments: the first part is based on the size of the force suffered a linear deformation of metal components - commonly known as elastomers. The second part is according to the size of elastic deformation of the body to change its resistance strain gauges.

Resistance strain sensor output ratio: refers to vaginal strain from the electric sensor output voltage and excitation voltage ratio, also known as the strain type, the sensor output sensitivity, with mV / V, said.

Maximum range: means for display design (after the decimal point omitted) can display the maximum value.

Sub-scale value: each sub-scale corresponding to the weight of the value.

Resolution: refers to the largest ratio range and display space.

Weight: refers to carrying the weight of its own device so produced resistance strain sensor output voltage.

Weighing pitch: the alleged re-display devices on the scale carrying device on the standard unit of weight changes of the values shown, also commonly known as the range.

Paper weight: packaging, platform scales, hopper scales weight.

Net weight: the weight of material measured.

Gross weight: Packing Scale and the total weight of materials.

Peel: The balance platform balance the weight of the Big Dipper as 0, even if the scales without the weight of load is called when peeled.

Gap (weight): control of weighing feeding agencies in feeding, the material continuously falling into the bucket or weigh-scale units, once the feeding stops, due to inertia and the height difference between some of the material will then enter the scale, and this is part of the weight of materials is the gap.

Ahead of volume: In order to remove the gap can be deducted in the settings drop the weight, weighing arrive in advance to issue instructions.

The amount of sub-cast material in advance: In order to ensure the feeding speed and accuracy of cast material, in many cases, dual-speed or multi-speed weighing cast material, known as the speed difference between the difference or the size of investment and the amount of material in advance.

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