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Common repair truck scales methods
Click:1107 Date:2012-6-27 22:53:01
Common repair truck scales methods 

1, truck scales observation

Visual inspection weighing station and the bottom four weeks whether the debris jam clearance eligibility limit, the availability of cable damage, whether or damp junction box, instrument components such as whether the obvious signs of damage.

Example: There is not an accurate weighing, deteriorated bigger problem. Observed that the end of the collapsed bridge approach has been pressed, extruded living scale platform, the entire scale stations have been jammed, and the balance at both ends of the lower part of Taiwan is also the product of long-term use in the fall

Dust accumulation has been plugged. In tackling the issue back to normal after treatment.

2, truck scalesmeasurement of comparative law

Stall test with the multimeter voltage power supply for the bridge (XK3190-A9 instrument for the +8 V), Instrument Power Supply (+5 V) is normal (compare with a good instrument), the sensor output signal is stable, a few sensor output signal has No deviation is too large and so on. Resistance profile with the multimeter test whether cable short circuit, open circuit, sensor resistance is normal and so on.

3, truck scale substitution

For the simple detection methods can not accurately determine when a specific component failure can be a suspicious device on the device or with a good alternative to replace, the failure to see whether the rule to determine the failure devices and parts. truck scale

Example: some failure in determining the alternative sensor signal with the simulator through a dashboard display to determine whether or not the normal instrument failure or sensor failure, in this method can be used in the hands of a substitute can be used alternative to a suspicious device.

4, truck scales excluding France

For the suspected failure of the device, without affecting the entire system, conditions of work, disconnect the connection with the system to see whether the system back to normal work.

Example: A truck scale shows drift in the zero change in the vicinity of ± dozens of kg, this time a simple test can not detect the fault position, this time can be used only to disconnect a sensor and junction box wiring, or directly with the instrument sensors (de - Open junction box) and other methods to find the fault components.

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