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An electronic weighing purchase
Click:944 Date:2012-6-27 22:52:28
An electronic weighing purchase

An electronic weighing purchase


   At present, there is generally electronic weighing accuracy grade (III)-level scale, indicating sub-indexing is generally 3000 degrees, the minimum sub-scale value according to weighing in size from 1g to 50 kg range, (for example, 45 kg of Electronic Price Computing Scale indexing indexing the minimum value of 15g). Scale bar is like that.


    In choosing time: as in the 45 kg of Electronic Price Computing Scale, for example;

1, with the largest weighing one-third of the weights (or close to this value weights) placed on the weighing table 1 / 4 (to be divided equally weighing table 4) tests the various points within the figures are the same;

2, in the empty state and the largest weighing scale state figures show a steady (not blinking);

3, if the conditions to take the largest weighing standard weights placed on the scales on the stage to test their accuracy;

4, according to the function keys to test each function key is good contact, whether the purpose;

5, taken near the maximum weighing standard weights (or close to this value weights) three times repeated loading, testing the various figures are the same;


    2, weighing instrument purchase


    1, instrument types

    Its functions to sub-: There are single-function, multi-function and special instrumentation. Scale bar code, such as Dahua, Shanghai Teraoka, Yiu Wa, three points, and several other weighing display controller factory product quality supervision and checking by the state that qualified for two consecutive years, the quality is more stable; the new product marks the birth of domestic production Weighing display controller the ability to become increasingly strong, high starting point, strong function.

    According to characteristics of sensor output signals can be assigned then the sensor analog output signal can also be equipped with access digital output signal sensors, and there are still pricing function, with a multi-purpose table. Its series single-function devices are A1 --- measurement-type, A2 --- counting type and so on.


    2, single-function instruments and the pros and cons of multi-function instrument

    Single-function devices: software development cycle is short, less hardware, so it's relatively low manufacturing costs.

    Multifunction meter: its adaptability and can be widely used in various non-automatic with electronic weighing and automatic electronic weighing. But the software development cycle length and the high cost of hardware support, so it's relatively high manufacturing costs.

    Dedicated instrument; manufacturing costs between the single function and multifunction. In terms of the use of failure rate, compared to multi-function should be higher.


    3, select the instrument to consider the issue

    a, choose measuring instruments to obtain production licenses products;

    b, select the type of instrument should be practical needs, rather than select the better;

    c, we should focus on assessing their compliance with security requirements;

    d, the technical indicators are in line with national standards weighing display controller;


    4, international and domestic Dynamic Weighing

    The domestic development and production of the instrument is currently a balance in general with only one table, while the foreign production of the instrument has been able to use a table at the same time with multiple scales. Its software features and hardware support can be shared, so that relatively lower manufacturing costs, in use also reduces management costs.

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