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concrete weighbridge
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Digital Weighbridges Detailed Product Description

Truck weighbridge,Weighing Scale, Digital Weighbridges  Welcome you to visit our website to find more
Digital Weighbridges  truck scale:
containerized shipping,integral bridge structure,reasonable net weight,high strenghth,good anti-corrosion
KeDa new generation full concrete weighbridge(truck scale) 
Digital Weighbridges Technical Features:
(1). Several layers of screwed steel rods, integral bridge structure, integral concrete placement, concrete strength >C35.
In 2009, KeDa built up large production base to produce different sizes of concrete weighbridges. The weighbridges are standardized, serialized, modularized, which not only has the advantages of steel weighbridge, but also covers shortage of steel one. So far, KeDa has near 300 clients of concrete weighbridge in China. Now in China, the concrete weighbridge becomes the ideal selection of weighbridge upgrading.
(2). Reasonable net weight and structure, containerized shipping.
Traditional weighbridge has the disadvantages of too big dead weight, and inconvenient shipping, which made the transportation cost much higher than steel one, also impossible to be exported by container. Now, after 6 months research and test, KeDa solves this problem. Our new generation full concrete weighbridge(truck scale) adopts completely new designed structure. The whole weighbridge is separated into several pieces. The width of one piece is 1.5m, which can be easily loaded into container (around 2.35m wide). In addition, we choose new construction material, which greatly reduce the net weight. The net weight of one unit 18x3m, 100t, concrete weighbridge is 26t (n.w. of traditional one: 40t), which makes containerized shipping possible. Although the net weight reduced, the whole strength and rigidity of weighbridge is contrary improved.
Digital Weighbridges Humanized structure design, attractive appearance.

Side rails: the rails could be locked or unlocked by bolt as per users demand. The rails could prevent vehicle out of the weighbridge.
Middle cover plates: the cover plates are placed in the middle of weighbridge in silver, which could not only prevent vehicle axles out of weighbridge but also could be removed easily for cleaning.
Digital Weighbridges Excellent anti-corrosion performance

Concrete can resist chemical corrosion. Concrete weighbridge(truck scale) is particularly suitable for using in seaside and places of chemical industry.
Digital Weighbridges Anti-lightening

KeDa new generation concrete weighbridge(truck scale) is full concrete product, an insulator, which can effectively prevent lightening strike and avoid load cell damage.
(6). Good stability after long-term using
KeDa new generation concrete weighbridge(truck scale) has reasonable structure, big net weight, good rigidity, which ensure no distortion of weighbridge, accurate weighing (especially for big capacity weighing).
Digital Weighbridges Long service life

KeDa new generation concrete weighbridge(truck scale) adopts integral bridge structure, integral concrete placement. The platform is anti-friction, acid and alkaline resistant. The service life is much longer than full steel weighbridge.

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